Lazada Malaysia

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Plans of the Almighty and how it relates differently to separete individuals.

Most times, many amongst ourselves are not even sure definitively,what it is God has in plan for us,. 

And if one's faith isn't solid, and still on unstable grounds, it can be unsettling ,unnerving and disorienting,- 

Anxiety,uncertainty of not knowing what to do with ourselves, when we face an emotional gauntlet, that saps to the core of the conviction of Faith. -

 Many have fallen by the wayside,their devotion and faith but an empty shell,,of it's former...

.When some of these lives could not cope with the emotional turmoils, depression,grief , tragedy unto them that they got disiilusioned - felt abandoned and worst , love and devotions to divinity,,on shaky ground.,when clouded with doubt and bitternesss. . 

And then , only God knows how they will heal...

For the process for God to batter us into His vision is not at the same pace for all.. 
Many of God's selected ones for a vision, He reveals early and clearly to them.- that they can realise the vision sooner.- very clear as to their Calling and what it takes to answer the serve God... 

So many who are in the service of the Lord ,realise very early on, from their youth , that they will dedicate their entire life to the service of the Lord's ministry and Glory..

Or that they somehow innately understood, that they always have had instinctive divine voice guiding them to their chosen career paths,and that,they know exactly,how they can help further the Lord's cause,within their professions..

 Yet, God ways are not always clear to our finite minds and understanding.

There may be those that God will choose to reveal little by little of His plan for them,,in good time ,in His time..but with Faith,we can be absolutely certain that God always makes things wonderful , in His time...

But then God does calm down restless impatient hearts, for He will offer glimpses of His Masterplan for them , 

when God feels they are ready, and meantime, its like His Glorious visions for each of us not yet revealed, - is cloaked behind a diaphanous curtain-,,mysterious yet for certain it ll be magnificent..and God slowly lifts up the veil little by little for them to sneak glances through a still translucent mist, where His glorious vision glows through.,.

Reassuring and comforting the restless anxious hearts,,  nothing is in vain ,if we trust God and His timing for us all, 
Eventually, all full glory of God's plan for us all, will be revealed and wonderful - 

As are and always have been - That God's plans are perfect.!