Lazada Malaysia

Monday, August 31, 2015

Bersih 4 rally in pics

Exiting Train station into a Yellow downtown

ALmost Everywhere/everyone wearing Yellow

heading into Petaling street

Sidelane into Chinatown

This is CHinatown-swarm of yellow T shirts

outside pasar seni

As far as eye can see towards Dataran merdeka,sea of people

dataran merdeka

Lim Kit Siang in cap walking around

Crowd listening to speakers

wrong vest?

legal aid lawyers on standby

Malay/Muslim community taking a break from rally for prayers

hung chicken

medical first aid station


sat night

It all starts from us reads the message on the sign

emergency vehicles on standby

listening to speakers on podium

SUN noon Jln Tun Perak jam-packed

PM Najib wanna cross the road first clear ,Bersih 

impressive organizing

all rubbish cleared

crowd listening to podium open to public-anyone can speak

rosie nice chick wig

we all do

booming business