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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Well makes us rethink about the Malaysian AES doesn't it?

Ever wondered why the Malaysian Goverment was so eager to adopt the AES for our highways, ostensibly to better improve traffic safety and minimize manpower for enforcement..but you cannot help but think there maybe other more enthusiastic motivations.

Speed cameras doing more harm but benefitting selective in the governing .A cash cow at the expense of the people .  

Who says issuing traffic citations is about upholding the law and not revenue generation?
Caught in a real-life “Gift of the Magi” conundrum, behold the tale of Elmwood Place, Ohio, which because of its pursuit of portable-speed-camera revenue can no longer perform the functions of local government. That's because four of the village's six council members resigned over the way these machines are used; without those four members, no quorum can be convened and no business can be conducted.
“The public is bewildered with what is going on,” Village Councilman Jerald Robertson told “There is a sense that they have no idea what we are doing.” Which apparently is an astute observation.
“I have no idea what is going on with the council,” he added.
The problem is the revenue generated: Nearly $2 million for the city, but in the process the speed cameras have -- like a sheepdog protecting its flock -- deterred visitors from coming to the quaint village. “Businesses have lost customers who now refuse to drive through Elmwood,” Judge Robert P. Ruehlman explained in a March ruling. “Churches have lost members who are frightened to come to Elmwood and individuals who have received notices were harmed because they were unable to defend themselves against the charges brought against them.”
Ruehlman, a Hamilton County Common Pleas Court judge, cited a “total disregard for due process” in the way the village operated its program without offering ticketed motorists a legally fair method of contesting the citation. While the judge had hoped his ruling would have prompted the city to stop its ticketing program, the city refused to do so. The city, which engaged the services of a company called Optotraffic to install the portable speed cameras last September, has enjoyed a great revenue windfall. Optotraffic issued $105 tickets and split revenue 60/40, with the city taking the lion's share. According to the city attorney, the Optotraffic speed cameras have generated almost $325,000 per month.
The village petitioned the Ohio Supreme Court to disqualify Judge Ruehlman, citing his language in his ruling shows he's prejudiced against the automated process; the Ohio Supreme Court ruled in the judge's favor.
But speeders take note: If you are in violation of speeding in Ohio, you could do worse than to come before Judge Ruehlman. In his petition to the Ohio high court, Elmwood Place attorney Judd R. Uhl wrote: “In his actual written six-page opinion granting plantiff's motion, Judge Ruehlman used extremely pejorative and unnecessary language directed at Elmwood Place and Chief Peskin, e.g. 'sham,' 'game,' 'nothing more than a high-tech game of three-card monte,' 'scam,' 'entire case against the motorist is stacked' and 'Elmwood Place has another scheme up its sleeve.' ”
As for what the Village of Elmwood Place is going to do about it … that's up in limbo. Until they get enough members to vote on it.
Sourced from : 

ON why the AES in Malaysian roads are not that good an idea! 
And have to agree , points raised  makes a whole lot of sense!

More importantly , how the AES actually enriches the crony coffers at the expense of Malaysian motorist.
Very persuasive explanation here ! Not talking about millions but Billions of ringgit. AES  is about making money not about making the roads safer !

pakai AES ini saja !latest high tech speed camera

BUSTED in the end.
.a fitting analogy for the AES and the real motivation behind the system!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

“PDRM denies Kuala Lumpur among 10 most dangerous cities

Has our perception of crime finally reach an all time high to the extent that we visualise the streets in Kuala Lumpur the same way we do the favelas in Brazil, wonders Nicholas Chan.
Brazilian soldiers on patrol in Vila Cruzeiro - Photograph:
Brazilian soldiers on patrol in Vila Cruzeiro – Photograph:
Referring to the reporting “PDRM denies Kuala Lumpur among 10 most dangerous cities globally” by Bernama, it is both sad and amusing to see our capital ranked amongst the other truly dangerous cities in the world, like the ones in Honduras (which has the highest murder rate in the world), Mexico and South Africa.
Vetting through the list personally, I am pretty sure Malaysia is in no way as dangerous as these cities and the world isn’t yet “accommodating” enough to make Kuala Lumpur one of its top dangerous cities. In fact, KL would hardly make it into the top 50, even after discounting the Middle Eastern cities.
Although the methodology used by this not-so-respectable website is questionable, it is also alarming to us how such an unsubstantiated allegation raised so many eyebrows in Malaysia. Has our perception of crime finally reach an all time high to the extent that we visualise the streets in Kuala Lumpur the same way we do the favelas in Brazil or the ghettos in Cape Town?
Viewing it positively, it would mean that we had enjoyed a relatively safe Malaysia – and were blessed with the naivety to compare ourselves to places where drug cartels rule cities and assault rifles are used by criminals instead of parangs – until recently when a surge in crime finally broke our threshold of acceptance.
It would probably mean we are as fearful as the citizens of these truly dangerous cities. And this is something a good police force or even government must not allow. In a perception war, it is really about blaming the players, not the game.
Nicholas Chan is a socio-political research analyst at Penang Institute. A forensic scientist by education, he believes there is a truth in everything and it all depends on whether we want to see it or not. 

IS KL as safe as it is made out to be, what foreigners think!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Jonker walk in the hands of the joker of a bonker wanker CM..!

'MCA go home' vs 'Where was DAP 13 years ago?' at Jonker Walk

Saturday, 29 June 2013 09:40

'MCA go home' vs 'Where was DAP 13 years ago?' at Jonker Walk

As evening approached, Jonker Street in Malacca appeared visibly empty except for the occasional passing car and other vehicles parked over the faded stall lots on both side of the road.
The fate of the popular Jonker Walk night market there appeared uncertain as the state government had ordered the road to be opened to traffic, making it impossible for traders to conduct their business.
By 5pm, at the far end of the street, a small group of DAP state representatives, clad in black ‘Save Jonker Walk’ T-shirts had assembled and were preparing to cordon off the road in defiance of a state government directive.
However, a group of over 100 MCA supporters a stone’s throw away beat DAP to it as they moved to close off one end of road, chanting “Cordon off Jonker Street” and holding up banners such as ‘Traffic jam is a joke’ - mocking the state government’s justification of its directive.

(Now isn't this just quaint,  DAP la ,  MCA la .. bloody hell, it is like a free for all melee to score feel good points among the chinese community)

Malacca MCA chief Gan Tian Loo, who is also the Jonker Walk committe deputy chairperson, was among the crowd.
“The traders are asking for the road to be closed as before and we are here to hear their wishes and bring their voice to the state government,” he said as sound of honks in support filled the background.
However, Gan (right) took a guarded approach, denying that he was leading the protest, adding that he was merely there to “survey” the site after receiving several requests from the traders.
 (see la, still worried about what his political BN masters will think , so it is like hands on  covering his craphole as he walkabout surveying , even Nazri has more guts , speaking out against the closure)
As traders begin to push their carts pass the protest to set up their stalls on Jonker street, the protesters applauded them like heroes. ( score 1 point for MCA)
However, after just 15 minutes, the spotlight shifted to DAP as the party’s supremo Lim Kit Siang  made a surprise visit, flanked by the party’s top leaders including Seremban MP Anthony Loke and Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua, as well as representatives from north Johor and Negri Sembilan.

( surprise visit?  I doubt that,They probably heard MCA is planning this protest and ain't no way, they will let MCA outmanuever them in scoring some political mileage from sneaky this PR guys, just appeared out of nowhere, timing was perfection , stealing the thunder from MCA .. Nice play PR , salute!)
 (another thought , how the heck did the DAP big guns get there so fast and in numbers ? think it may have been a call for reinforcements.." tiu sui " as cantonese say.." from the small group of DAP state reps already there,still LKS Tony Pua,Anthony Loke,  there in 15 mins, whoa..planned ?  Hmmmmm ! )
  ( WOW , LKS and 2 other big guns, that is worth 3 points MCA 1--DAP 3 )
Visible animosity
Despite the common cause, some MCA and DAP members threw insults at each other with shouts of “MCA go home” and “Where was DAP 13 years ago?” ( play fair la,both sides, why kick each other in d balls, just once lah, put differences and political rivalry aside, n  come together and champion the common cause close to the people's sentiments,)
DAP had opposed the setting-up of Jonker Walk 13 years ago, citing poor initial planning but is now in favour of preserving the tourist destination.

( what do u expect ! hardly shocking at all, this is politics after all, anything for mileage and feel good factor that can be translated into votes later)
Pakatan’s high-powered delegation, including Malacca PKR chief Shamsul Iskandar Akin and Malacca PAS commissioner Adly Zahari, proceeded past the MCA protesters for a ceramah from behind a four-wheel-drive vehicle as the enthusiastic crowd quickly swelled to close to 500. ( PKR and even PAS in the fray, MCA trailing now , aiyah , where is UMNO n MIC when U need them ! MCA has to be the Lone Ranger on this one )
“Previously the state government wanted to level Bukit Cina but the people of Malacca were successful in defending it, likewise we will prevail with Jonker Walk,” declared Lim.
Bukit Cina is Malacca’s largest Chinese cemetery situated in the heart of state.
He further accused the BN government of embarking on “national retaliation” over the last general election results rather than “national reconciliation”.
Later, PKR’s Shamsul, who thwarted former Malacca chief minister Ali Rustam’s ambition for federal politics by defeating him in Bukit Katil, said his constituency had similarly faced retaliation from the state government.
“We have a Chempaka Ramadhan market where the tender had been issued and permits issued but they were suddenly frozen because it is in Bukit Katil and BN lost there.
“The Chempaka Ramadhan market is mostly run by Malays while Jonker Walk is mostly Chinese, and the state government is taking revenge regardless of race,” he said.
  ( seriously has a point on the retaliation bit, there seems to be a worrying pattern being exhibited))
‘Motion against CM’
Meanwhile, Malacca DAP chief Goh Leong San said his party will move an emergency motion in the state assembly on Monday to remove Malacca Chief Minister Idris Haron for the decision.
Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him questioned the ‘Malaccan-ness’ of Idris for wanting to remove an important attraction in the state.
He also praised MCA for also protesting against the state government decision, but created an awkward moment when he repeatedly invited Malacca MCA chief Gan on stage.
Gan, who had earlier criticised the DAP for turning Jonker Street into a political ceramah, was nowhere to be seen.
 ( what ? and MCA is an NGO??? Ass and Donkey.. same animal ! MCA = Ass, Dap can be donkey, coz  Ass can also mean the smelly part of the human anatomy where the rectum is..! )
( see what i mean above about covering his craphole , bleeding coward, scared to be miscontrued as sleeping with the enemy. Why be there if you ain't gonna show your balls.That is  MCA for you lo , always worried that BN or  in default big brother UMNO , will screw their Buntuts pecah))

Unable to locate Gan, the hour-long ceramah was ended as Pakatan’s leaders went around to greet traders who were able to go about their business, thanks to the cordon by MCA and DAP.( or of course hiding la, totally outnumbered and outgunned by PR , poor MCA , want to champion a chinese cause but got beat to it and hijacked by PR) 
Despite the animosity, Malacca MCA Wanita Chief Kian Sit Har, who was present and had previously broken ranks to openly support electoral reform group Bersih, viewed the double protest by her party and DAP positively.
“It is good, the more people there is, the more strength we have.
“I hope the chief minister will heed the people’s urging,” she said.
 ( macam ini la MCA, this MDM probably has bigger balls (no disrespect but admiration ) than the GAN dude, this is how MCA can endear themselves back into the community's psyche.!  CSL , U  " Hum Sup Lo"  U !   "that;s horny or lecherous  old man" in cantonese ,--- stop viewing porn and participate in the porn productions by UMNO 's octo X ( thats 8 times X  ) rated production house - and learn from this sweetheart of a Lady)

Personally , I think DAP scored more than MCA in this round..

Well guess the good thing out of this fracas is that , people are no longer going to take things sitting down , especially when it is bread and butter issues and perceived bullying by Gomen .. 
And whether it was political retaliation or traffic congestion problem , you draw your own conclusions but read the last  news article below "Tony Pua's jumps into Jonker walk issue...1st ".


'Act like a leader and not a petty, cowardly politician' - Tony tells new Malacca MB

Yesterday evening, I had joined Members of Parliament for Gelang Patah, Seremban, Rasah, Bakri and of course, Kota Melaka and Bukit Katil to visit and protest the UMNO’s political vengeance against Malaccans by opening Jonker Walk to motor traffic.
The visit and protest has attracted hundreds who unanimously demanded that the Melaka state government withdraw the order to the Melaka City Council to open Jonker Walk which has become a celebrated tourist landmark in Malaysia, famed for its weekend night market.
The protests expressed over the past week by various parties have resulted in the Melaka Chief Minister backtracking and twisting the rationale and decisions to open up Jonker Walk.
Fulfilling the people's wishes
While initially Datuk Idris Haron had told Kwong Wah Daily that the move was to “fulfil the people’s wishes” in reaction to MCA candidates being defeated by DAP, now he claims that the move has nothing to do with political retaliation, and everything to do with easing traffic congestion in Melaka City.

Thursday, 27 June 2013 19:30

Now Malacca says 'we never wanted to close Jonker Walk night market'

Now Malacca says 'we never wanted to close Jonker Walk night market'
MALACCA - The state government never had any intention to close down the Jonker Walk night market, said state Housing, Local Government and Environment exco Datuk Ismail Othman.
"There was never any decision to shut down the night market. The whole issue was blown out of proportion due to misunderstanding over our decision to open Jalan Hang Jebat, also known as Jonker Street, to traffic over the weekends.
"Closing down the night market and opening up the road to traffic over the weekends are two completely different issues," he told reporters at Seri Negeri here today.
Ismail said the licensed traders could continue to run their businesses as usual over the weekends.
"However, as the road would now be open to traffic, the traders would need to shift their stalls to the sidewalk and the side alleys.
"We made the decision to open up the road due to numerous complaints of terrible traffic congestion over weekends and public holidays," he said.
Ismail said the public and tourists alike complained of having to wait up to four hours just to reach the Malacca city centre from the Ayer Keroh toll, a journey which normally take about 30 minutes.
"We hope the decision to open up the road will help ease traffic congestion, especially in the city centre.
"There was never any intention to restrict the traders from doing business, so we hope the issue has been cleared up," he said.
Also present at the press conference was state Tourism, Coastal, River and Island Committee deputy chairman Datuk Ghazale Mohammad.
Ghazale said the traders were expected to continue complying with the rules stipulated under their licence, such as clearing up after themselves once the night market closed for the day.
He added that traffic police would be stationed there to monitor the traffic flow.
Previously, the street is closed to traffic every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to make way for the night market which has been in operation since 2000.
There was a huge public outcry over the decision to reopen the road to traffic on weekends starting tomorrow.


Tony Pua jumps into Jonker Walk issue, saying there’s a cover-up

JUNE 26, 2013
Tony Pua has accused Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz of "covering up" the Malacca state government's closure of Jonker Street.
The PJ Utara MP said that while Nazri had seemingly "appealed" to Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Idris Haron not to close down the popular tourist spot,  he had also reached a "compromise' with Idris.
"Nazri claimed that the CM had ordered Jonker Street to be closed for four weeks to study the traffic flow.
"This is a compromise and it is unacceptable," Pua said.
He said that this was because idris himself had admitted the move was an act of retaliation against the non-Malay community in Malacca.
"I have with me a copy of the memo issued by the mayor of Malacca city council which instructed the full closure of the market, wih no mention of the so-called traffic study."
Idris had earlier said that the decision to reopen the roads was made after the state government received complaints of traffic congestion every weekend.
Some users had complained that it took four hours to reach Malacca city from the Ayer Keroh toll plaza.
Idris was also quoted by Utusan Malaysia as saying the state executive council did not order Jonker Walk, the popular weekend night market, to be closed but to open the roads previously closed to make way for it.
"My previous statement has been misinterpreted. The state executive council has never ordered the businesses along the road at Jonker Walk to be closed down.
“I just ordered the roads previously closed every Saturday and Sunday to be reopened to traffic to avoid congestion into the city," he told Utusan Malaysia yesterday.
However, according to a letter sent to the Jonker Walk committee last Thursday, it clearly stated that hawkers are not allowed to set up stalls on the roads or have equipment in the area. - June 26, 2013.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Religious Bigotry..The " Sally Yen" insult of Islam.!

Police report over Facebook post on Islam and Prophet Muhammad

A bit of chaos erupted recently when a "Sally Yen" had comments insulting Islam and the Prophet recently on her FB...
But as it turned out the profile picture was fake and uploaded from a site in China , photo taken by a photographer from China named We Tang.
It is suspected that the "Sally Yen" may be a trouble maker , a phony FB account, bent on causing racial disharmony.

Now the question on everyone's minds is ..Who really is this "Sally Yen?".

Why so angry?

I think the interpreted insult  on the FB  posting may have been  on the final sentence  "jadi agama islam adalah agama  Dajal" . That really is insensitive and  inflammatory !

Always thought the word  "dajal"  meant "devil" but apparently not.! Took the liberty to google it and was a hefty read..just a condensed version here..

Dajjal is an Arabic word derived from dajl. Dictionaries define Dajjal as "liar, fraud, a seditious and damned person who confuse the minds, hearts, good and bad, the right and the wrong, who hides the
real face of something by gilding it, who wanders everywhere." Dajjal is also called al-Masih ad-Dajjal "The False Messiah. In a hadith he is mentioned as "Masih al-Dalalah" "The Messiah of Misguidance. The word also can  mean  "the deceiver" in Arabic.
   The important personalities that are mentioned in the end times are: Dajjal, Mahdi and Hazrat Jesus (Christ)... The first one is the  destroyer of  all  things relating to  religion, belief, ethics, virtue and
humanity, to inflict despotism, oppression and terror; the others are the people that will struggle against him .
 in the dark  period when Dajjal starts to inflict his evil  actions, Mahdi and Hazrat Jesus will be the  spiritual saviors and will become the greatest support and source of  strength, morale and hope for believers.

Ad-Dajjal or Degghial is, in Islam, an evil figure who will appear in the end times in Islamic eschatology.
He is a counterpart to the Antichrist prophesied by Christianity. Like the Antichrist, various hadith, or traditions, are preserved about ad-Dajjal.

He will deceive the faithful, teaching them that Heaven is Hell and vice versa. He will have the power to work miracles in order to mislead believers.  He will revive the dead, and claim to be a god. He will rally Jews to his support.

( The early followers of Jesus were Jews and  the core doctrine of Christianity rest on the death and the miraculous resurrection without which Christianity will lose it core essence.. this part will make it very difficult to reconcile the 2 faiths, since it seems to imply that the Christian God is actually  Dajjal and Jesus is a Prophet but not son of God, but Jesus does have a role to play in the end times.   

Islam as a  version of Christianity ??  

From RPK's blog -- On top of that, Prophet Muhammad is reported to have said that he is not introducing a new religion but is perfecting/improving the old religions of Abraham. Hence Islam is NOT a new religion. It is ‘Version 3’ of Christianity, which is in turn ‘Version 2’ of Judaism -- if I may be permitted to use that modern/IT terminology to explain what I mean. And in that same spirit, the ‘operating system’ for Versions 1, 2 and 3 is the religion introduced by Abraham.    (

But maybe Judaism, seems more similar in the approach to monotheism..
 The dispute between Christianity and Islam  lies in the doctrine of the Trinity,- Father , Son and Holy Spirit  as one Godhead and the resurrection- .that Islam counters   never happpened- but only acknowledges Jesus as a prophet . Muslim scholars will vehemently brush the doctrine of christian beliefs  and teachings aside , no such thing as the Son of God or Holy spirit )

 Any way...,back to Dajjal.

The appearance of the Dajjal will correspond with the appearance of the Mahdi, who will rally the faithful on earth to oppose him. Eventually, Isa, the Islamic name for Jesus Christ, will return from Heaven and vanquish the Dajjal.
Here, Jews will view Dajjal as their “Messiah” whose advent, according to them, has been foretold in their religious books and traditions. Of course as Muslims know,  the person whose coming was
foretold in their books was Hadhrat Isa ( Jesus ) but since the Jews never accepted him as such, the Dajjal will be their “Messiah.” Hence, his major followers will be the Jews.
The main aim of Dajjal will be to try and convince people that he is God Almighty. He will try and deviate people from the Right Path and join his ranks.

Signs of his coming

Hadith attributed to Prophet  Muhammad indicates that HE  taught about the  many signs of the appearance of the Dajjal, and exhorted his followers to recite the first and last ten verses of Sura Al-Kahf, as protection from the trials and  mischief of the Dajjal.

The following signs are ascribed to Ali in the coming of Dajjal:

People will stop offering the prayers..... ( Thankfully , still fervently observed by the faithful and evn not so faithful)
Dishonesty will be the way of life.......( Hmmmm???  )
Falsehood will become a virtue......  ( Another thought provocateur ? )

People will mortgage their faith for worldly gain.....( more truth in this than realised)
Usury and bribery will become legitimate................(.this sounds soo  familiar)

Imbeciles would rule over the wise.......................( Cannot agree more-- my favourite of the signs)

Blood of innocents would be shed...( Relieved we haven't come to that yet here, but common around the world , terrorist who profess the muslim faith and their lunatic kafir counterparts))

Pride will be taken on acts of oppression....... ( human nature , power corrupts )

The rulers will be corrupt...( don't wanna go there! may be  semut monitoring)
The scholars will be hypocrites..( you decide....! )
There will be acute famine at the time...(soon)
There will be no shame amongst people..?
Many people would worship Satan...( sign of the times, already happening )
There would be no respect for elderly people  ( God forbid)

This Kid puts the shame into religious bigotry..."I m not gonna judge you by the funny hat you wear".People are the same everywhere, We all come from the same ancestry if we trace it back far enough!!

Muslim compassion

To be fair in the PROPHETS defence,this video says it all ,very enlightening explanation of all the accusations by the "Sally Yen".

I seriously doubt that anybody can be as forgiving as this Muslim man..!

Malaysians can breathe good air now instead of haze!

Your nose and eyes are right 

Good Air , can see all the way to Genting Highlands in the hills background from Kepong

BY TRINNA LEONG      JUNE 27, 2013
Malaysians returned from lunch today with their reliable nose index telling them what the figures have confirmed this morning, that the worst of the haze is over for now, though not before it claimed two lives in Johor. 
The smoke that rolled over the peninsula from the weekend has mostly shifted north out of the country. 
The readings on the haze are now good to moderate in most parts of the nation. 
Muar took the brunt of it over the weekend with a spike of 746 and it was there that the two died from breathing respiratory-related illnesses on Monday. 
Today, only three areas of the nation reported unhealthy levels at 7am Just two days, there were 25. 
Locations with unhealthy API readings are; the district of Banting in Selangor (104), Nilai in Negeri Sembilan (144) and Bukit Rambai in Malacca (111).
This morning’s 7am API readings show 16 locations with APIs below 51, most of which are situated in Borneo and the northern states in Peninsular Malaysia. 
On Tuesday morning, only one area had an API that was ‘good’. Port Klang, the country’s busiest port, saw a continuous drop in its API to a moderate 73. 
Meanwhile, Kuala Lumpur’s API is at 77 with the air in the states of Perak and Johor hovering between ‘good’ and ‘moderate’ API levels. 
Districts that were previously charting high APIs have significant improvements with the API readings after periodic rainfall in the last two days cleansed the air. 
Forest fires in Sumatra that have been causing the thick smog in Malaysia and Singapore are also being tackled by 5,300 disaster personnel sent by the Indonesian government. - June 27, 2013.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Conspiracy to defraud.?? Indelible ink fiasco and other sheenanigans of the EC

Indelible ink that turns out to be edible ink , phantom voters, electoral roll discrepancies and on and on.! That suggest intent already to defraud.

Maybe the PR  Lawyers should have a 2nd  look at the common law definition of conspiracy to defraud  and see if it can be made to stick to the EC . Election petition not withstanding. 

 If the burden of proof is sufficient to incriminate them , throw the book at them.

The fiasco with the incredible indelible ink that turns out to be ink edible is already sufficient  grounds  for an inquiry. Hopefully an RCI. 

Conspiracy to Defraud

Conspiracy to defraud is a common law offence.  The offence of conspiracy to defraud requires that two or more individuals dishonestly conspire to commit a fraud against a victim. The offence is extremely wide. It is sufficient for the fraudsters to know that the result of their actions will necessarily result in the defrauding of the victims. The fraudsters do not have to intend to defraud the victim as the primary purpose of the conduct. The offence does not require deception or an intent to cause financial loss.
Acts which may be non-criminal, for example a tort, may become criminal where a conspiracy to defraud exists. In other words an act can be carried out by one Defendant independently and this act would not amount to a criminal offence. Conversely the same act carried out by two persons may constitute an offence of conspiracy to defraud.
Conspiracy to defraud requires an element of dishonesty. However the current definition of dishonesty means that activities which may not normally be a criminal offence may be found to be fraudulent if a jury finds them to be dishonest. Consequently prosecutors have an extremely wide discretion as to whether to commence criminal proceedings for conspiracy to defraud and this can potentially result in unfair prosecutions.

The standard definition of a conspiracy to defraud was provided by Lord Dilhorne in Scott v Metropolitan Police Commissioner, when he said that
it is clearly the law that an agreement by two or more by dishonesty to deprive a person/persons of something which is theirs or to which he is or would be entitled and an agreement by two or more by dishonesty to injure some proprietary right of his, suffices to constitute the offence of conspiracy to defraud.

In simple terms: Knowing you were going to commit fraud, by obtaining something by deception.

 Person/persons guilty of conspiracy to defraud is liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment .

Food colouring, not chemicals, was in the indelible ink used in the general election, the Election Commission (EC) admitted today in the Dewan Rakyat.
"No chemical was used in the ink but it was instead replaced with permitted food colouring," said Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim in his reply to Segambut Member of Parliament Lim Lip Eng.
His statement was in stark contrast with the EC's claim that it used silver nitrate in the ink. He said the absence of the required chemical was the reason the ink was easily washed off.

 Malaysian Insider comments:

Not only the indelible become delible but edible as well, Ahhh..that was where they made the mistake, they ordered the wrong ink !? it was supposed to be edible ink ! don't be surprised next that the EC blames it on a typo..

1 kg of potassium permanganate ( very dark purple)( costing RM50) can do the job easily compared to RM 7 million food dye !! Moreover it oxidises into black ink which is indelible !!
The EC commission top brass must have pocketed millions for this food dye ink !!

Get the RM7.1m back then lock them up - WELD shut the cell door and GIVE them back the key!!!

Let's see what fruit gives purple colouring:

Mangosteen skin

Any other fruits missed out ??

The rotten fruit coming out from EC Chairman's and BN's mouth!

Why no response from BN MPs ?
Busy drinking the edible ink, izzit ???

They were "dye-ing" to "make a quick killing"
Paul Warren
Food colouring also is made up of chemicals. Where does this bloke think food colouring comes from? Natural colours is it? This artificial colours that was required would not have even cost R500,000 to do. Why pay so much for?

Tax payers money gone to waste and who profited? EC are really liars and cheated the Rakyat. So can we call the 13th GE fraud?.

EC :" He...he...he...dakwat tak kekal.....KAMI KEKAL.....he....he...he..hentam EC kaw kaw"
 after this revelation the resignation of EC is far from sufficient. A revamp of the whole of EC is needed to make it truly independent and with integrity. Blatant bias by the EC leaders, now-exposed cheating...this shouldn't be the way Malaysians elect their future leaders. This is more akin to South Africa during apartheid! First class facilities, 3rd class mentality and now pre-historic political system


More on the Indelible ink controversy

27th june 2013

If the word Misfeasance is interpreted by Wikipedia as someone taking inappropriate action or give intentionally incorrect advice, in my opinion, the Election Commission Chairman, Abdul Aziz Yusof and his deputy, Wan Ahmad Wan Omar, have committed it!
Both no longer enjoy public confidence, and If they do not resign, the Opposition should table a motion in parliament for the plea to be made to the Yang Dipertuan Agong to sack them, and the entire council, so as to protect the good name of the Agong.
The blatant lies told by the Election Commission duo about the controversial ink used in the last General Election also calls for a special inquiry by the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament and the Auditor General's office so that the truth can be known to the public and a decision should also be made to see if there was indeed a breach of public trust and an act of misfeasance.
At least in my opinion, the breach of trust is criminal in nature as it involves a total of RM7.1 million of public funds - and the EC chairman and his deputy were found to be anything but honest about the use of indelible ink.

A whopping RM7.1 million Spent
The cost of purchasing the ink is far too high. Even with the worse case scenario, where the indelible ink uses silver nitrate, a bottle costs only US$5. With 26,000 voting streams, and each stream with 800 voters, and we supply two bottles each to be safe, we are talking about a total of 52,000 bottles for the entire country. This is a total of US$260,000 or in Ringgit Malaysia, nothing more than one million Ringgit. There is nothing really special about the ink bottles or the brush used, because there are truly no reasons for such aesthetically designed bottles or brushes. If it indelible ink, it is indelible ink, stupid!
Why has the EC spent a whopping RM7.1 million on the controversial ink? Assuming that you are spending RM6.9 million on 99.99% pure silver alone, you can get at least 2 metric tonnes and it will not cost you RM200,000 to ship that amount of pure silver from London to Kuala Lumpur. What transportation costs are we talking about when the ink bottles were all part of the voting equipment to be shipped across the country during the run-up to GE13?
In my opinion, the EC duo had not only committed public breach of trust when they spoke to the public about the indelible ink, but the case is in fact criminal in nature, because it involves such a huge amount of public funds.