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Monday, November 19, 2012

Just mulling!. How BN may win back hearts and minds!

BN, how you ought to win back hearts and minds of the people.
Fools can never pretend to be smart but the smart can easily pretend to be fools, and feign ignorance.
It is easier to fool people  than to convince people they have been fooled!

 And try as they might, I doubt that the BN Government folks are really as dumb as they seem. Despite all the foolish antics and regurgitated statements puked out in different putrid colors and smells.

BN/ UMNO ,  It is about time you set in motion reforms for the sake of the well being of the nation and future generation, and not be overly preoccupied on how to retain power forever. The people have matured beyond the childlike formative years of growing up. Time to recognise and acknowledge that fact.

Time and place determines effectiveness of Governing methods based on respective interpretation or twisted abuse of democratic laws.  Heavy handed intimidation and coercion with despotic punitive imprisonment, as measures of deterrence, may be or viciously perceived to be necessary, decades ago, but is totally irreconcilable to the psyche and awareness level of the Malaysian people in the IT age of the 21st century. .
 Malaysians in general have matured so much in sensibilities, thought and attitude from over half a century of gradual evolvement.  From ignorance and full or semi-illiteracy to a very high level of awareness and comprehension on the state of affairs affecting our nation. That is how far we have progressed.  A marjority proportion of Malaysian mind sets are not easily manipulated any longer.

This Malaysian consciousness is actually a highly positive national achievement that ought to be acknowledged, applauded and to be extremely proud of.  The proverbial frog under the coconut shell is rendered inapplicable as these enlightened Malaysians discard the shell and replace it with the armour of knowledge, intelligence and good sense. Perfectly capable to give a good run for anyone’s money in the domestic or international arena of competitiveness.
There exist a very urgent need to strive to raise many fellow Malaysians to an equivalent level of intelligent mind -sets that is more than capable to decipher between the nonsensical and the serious. Be aware of issues that impacts them. Benefits, advantages or attempts of deception to keep them in the dark.

The government of long ruling BN.  It is not like the rakyat do not appreciate entirely -although begrudgingly-all the 50+ years of “fostering and nurturing “ under very strict disciplinary steps to ensure that  Malaysian society  progresses ,  mature and  responsible,  with strong values and moral grounding. The people have a sort of love –HATE relationship with the BN coalition Government.  But the marjority of the Rakyat has always despised the manner of conduct, and arbitrary interpretation of our constitutional laws, imposed forcibly to discipline the people.
And BN, don’t you see, we the people feel we have grown up and matured as a society and nation under one roof. Past decades of the despotic system of Governance, the stern no-nonsense, overbearing punitive ways to get people in line, may have worked for a society still in its formative years of developing. But we really feel we have grown up and matured and more than capable to plot our own destiny. It is now time for a reversal of roles. It is no longer Government knows best, People must listen.  It is time that the People tell the Government what are their needs and concerns, and the Government listens.

 BN, it is time to remove the collar and the reins and not choke your children any longer.
Post merdeka, Malaysians were taking baby steps as a nation seeking an identity, we had been given a name, but merely a name is meaningless without a face. Thereby , the people  still needed fostering and nurturing  to  guide them  into forging  a singular national identity , seeking a common sense of belonging and pride , to help shape our personalities and individualities, so as  to grow up and mature into a collective national identity  with a uniquely Malaysian flavor and soul..
Children need to have good grounding by instilling  good values and moral fibre to them from a very young age , a sense of what is right and wrong and decent, we needed a strong guiding presence like all toddlers need help from their 1st baby steps onwards as they  start growing up as children do, albeit, there are  parents who subscribed to the view that, a very  stern and iron handed approach is favored to ensure that their kids  grow up according to how they were mentally  assembled and moulded into  what they want the kids to  become  .
       As a nation, the multi ethnic composition is akin to siblings in a family with squabbles and disagreements, but as brothers and sisters, the underlying sentiment of sibling love and tolerance is ever present. But when the parents or guardians insist on favoritism and imposes views of superiority vs inferiority. Entitlement vs deprivation on the impressionable innocent minds, it can damage the children, planting seeds of divisiveness that will germinate in their minds...
Parents wish their children stay forever innocent and protect them and  guide them in their developing years, but problem is  many parents struggle to come to terms with the fact that their charges are all grown up as mature responsible adults, and they , without realizing it ,  are actually stifling their children’s advancement with over protective measures despite the fact that the kids  are fully capable of being  independent, in thought and in responsible behaviour.

Horrible parenting and resentment
  Imagine a big extended family .  You have elders, few relatives  and Parents , with children, Natural and Adopted ,all  living under one roof. Horrifyingly, there exist the worst despicable kind of parents and guardians who are extremely greedy and selfish and practice favoritism among the siblings. Exploiting the kids for financial gain to enrich and advance their own situations but gang up and do whatever possible to ensure the younger adopted kids stay as they are, depriving them aid to assist in their advancement in life, while handing out crumbs from their coffers and demanding gratitude in return.

 And thus it is cause for resentment.  Deep rooted and ingrained into the psyche of the impressionable young minds.  Resentment is a searing emotional feeling. It  can either increase in intensity or gradually evaporate and to be replaced by feel good factors.
And so is the case with BN‘s or the government’s instance.   To regain trust and credibility from the public, BN must generate Perception that there is genuine sincerity, repentance and remorse with firm attempts to make up for past mistakes.  More importantly, if the public can witness that there is indeed definitive reforms backed by very solid determined actions without fear nor favor, it can augur very well with the Rakyat.  Gently and subtly, resentment dissolves and approval manifest. What we need to see to address our resentment. Is that our PM, without fearing repercussions from his own party, takes drastic action to punish those from his own stable because it is morally right and should not be defended.

 Noble ideals and perhaps even greed can be composed together, strange bedfellows ? But as long as none are victimized or made to suffer consequences from the combination, Greed is Good!   When it is not at the expense of the less priviledged but actually is the spur that can elevate their situation and enable them to ride along on the Greedy train and and feast on Greedy Gravy.

 In essence, BN. To win back favour and approval from the people, make the pursuit for a just society, that does not condone nor tolerate abuses of power and corruption at all levels of Government and take immediate action using the full brunt of the law when such abuses or the excesses are exposed. No  person in whatever powerful  position or how much  wealth they have is above the law.

The truth being, actually you need  very very fat sacrificial lambs, as it were. A necessary message of deterrence and the others will start behaving themselves and queue up politely in the straight and narrow. And it is so easy to prove complicity if the authorities wish to use that axe.Probably they already have it in possession.
 A few  serious action of tackling high profile graft credited to you and toppling a very high level guy in your party who also happens to be disliked by the rakyat for his arrogance and contempt for the law, and immediately, you will be popular again.   
Primary concern.
Let not the paranoia of losing power overwhelm your collective good senses  in the institution.  Don’t fret over it. Trust that things will fall neatly into place if your main aim is to rectify past iniquities. Don’t even try too hard to publicize your efforts, Just go about doing it without clamoring for fanfare and acknowledgement.
 Malaysians are a wise and discerning bunch now, we can easily recognise or sense a rat but also can make out the fragrance of a rose garden from a distance.  BN ,just do the Undoing for the very  namesake  and with a genuine sincere spirit. And trust us Malaysians  , We will notice! Don’t have to trumpet the efforts!   For now, that ought to be enough.
 When something is done  out of passion and dedication and sincerity or devotion to the nature of the task. Be it a career profession or love for the arts  or a recreational pursuit.  Whole-hearted devotion and single minded determination, believing passionately that, to Excel in the chosen field is the reward itself, all other secondary effects will fall into place by themselves without the least bit of effort. It is merely the simple Cause and Effect doctrine.  

Or simply ,Do IT because IT needs to be DONE!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hybrid cars and EVs

Are hybrid cars as eco friendly as they are made out to be? Hybrids and EVs (electric vehicles) are supposedly the solution to our self made problem of greenhouse gases, global warming and high cost of fuel. They are like the halo cars for our generation. But are these vehicles really the cure to our woes and be the savior and solution to our current gas guzzling, atmosphere polluting to the point of choking our globe, generation. A recent study conducted by the Norwegian Science and Technology University has it that, the EVs and Hybrids are not as eco friendly as they seem. For instance, consider the lifecycle of an EV that contains the ingredients like nickel and copper in the toxic batteries that powers the vehicles all the way to the energy sources that supplys power to the electric grids. The study maintained that the problem is actually shifted from the vehicle manufacturers to the power companies. It is due to the simple fact that the electricity needed to power up the cars comes from lignite, coal and heavy oil combusting plants. These are all pollutants that also contribute significantly to the environmental damage. Even the supposed clean Hydro power generated from dams will involve felling of a very large tract of trees that in turn may have to relocate natives of the land or affecting the natural habitats of the animals in the region. Basically, most forms of power generation in one way or another has some affect on the environment, apart from maybe solar and wind powered energy. As for the hybrids and EVs .They have batteries that have a lifecycle and after a point will need to be disposed off. As of last year, there were more than 3 million Toyota hybrids sold and that number is actually much much higher today when taking into account the EVs and Hybrids sold by the other car makers. It is difficult to imagine the amount of pollution that will result in the disposing of the toxic batteries. On another level, the study did also allow that EVs powered by the European electricity mix does have an impact that can result in a 10% to 24% decrease in global warming potential. Although, the downside is on the building of the cars, which still has an impact on human toxicity, eco toxicity, freshwater europhication, and metal depletion. It essentially signifies that the Hybrids and the EVs are just an interim solution to a very long term problem. So is there an ideal solution to the problem? The way things are now with our current state of technology towards car making that is largely dependent on the propulsion options, it is an indication of what direction the car makers are heading in developing future vehicles and what the engines of the future will be like. For a few years, Automakers have been exploring the Hydrogen powered propulsion option that was tabled among other options. This energy source is still being debated because of the involvement of tank weight, high storage pressure and the dangers associated with storing liquid hydrogen in cars. It is unlikely that vehicle manufacturers will stray very far from the internal combustion engine at present, so the aim may be to determine an alternative combustible source of fuel that may be able to power the current generation of engines. Bio fuel has been around a few years and the car manufacturers have been dancing with this option for some time.The stuff is renewable, it doesn’t pollute and the CO2 emission is offsetted by the growing of crops and mainly it is a readily available technology. The modern diesel engines have been proven to be highly fuel economical but can also provide good power without the noisy clatter commonly associated with diesel engines. Audi proved that by winning the Le Mans in a diesel engine. Bio-diesel has all these properties but will the petroleum conglomerates tolerate the technology to be used by the masses.There are billions at stake if these technology were to be introduced that they will probably attempt to slow it down or to create obstacles to the smooth transition of the introduction of bio fuel to the world. We need a replacement for the fossil fuel that the world consumes urgently but the prospects of that happening soon is dim especially when recent discoveries of huge reservoirs were made at the North Pole.That means that petroleum is here to stay for a while longer. And as EVs and Hybrids are a brief solution to easing the environmental concerns .Bio fuels is what the world should gamble on or Hydrogen (provided that a way can be found to safely store and use it), are the obvious and accessible choices for solving the ills.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jack Johnson..gone

This is a true blue original, Jack Johnson..loved his stuff.

eric clapton and steve winwood

Guitar maestros at their bluest best. This is how it is done!! Jamming by the all time greats.Especially old slowhand himself.