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Friday, October 30, 2015

MY war of words with Trolls ,just having some fun with words..

Bryan Wong 2 months ago (edited)
war mongering mass murderer of thousands of americans / iraqis and others..the most hated american and most hated american president ever--murders on a whim for oil / money without conscience and he always fckng gives the same lame excuses of terrorist threatening american lives--- This George Wanker Bush is a bastard oozing evil..evil worst than adolf hitler...this George fuckng W=wanker- Bush..coz of him--so many hate the US..this homophobic ,sanctimonious bigot thinks nothing about destroying a building murdering thousands of innocent lives, just to destroy evidence of his corruption and manipulation n insider trading..of his cronies n him... moral less liar-lies thru his teeth and sickest part all, is that he and his evil stinking crew of cronies all get away with what they did wif great big fat bank accounts...warped justice...hope n wish for , he n cronies will get STD like syphilis or any terminal disease n dies a horrible painful deaths n their manhoods fall drop off.the whole lot of them..
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KrazyX777 2 months ago
+Bryan Wong lol

TheKrustaceox 2 months ago
+Bryan Wong lol

Rondal Childress 2 months ago
+Bryan Wong You stupid S.O.B. Don't have a damn clue what youare taliking about. Look at us now. The laughing stock of the entire world entire world due to this stupid ass President that is so weak he can't wipe his ass by himself. Don't like it leave!

Bryan Wong 2 months ago
+Rondal Childress if you say sound like a very well informed Bushite..although your mindset need a bit of tweaking. .to keep you updated on developments .-and someone to yank you  off the high branch u are so arrogantly perched.  "don't like it.leave,you say-well, if i don't like you,you gotta go!  You do realise that i was talking about george Wanker bush..not some bloke who cannot wipe his stupid ass. You do sound like  the sort who get wet dreams about Trump becoming president..oooorah!

el gato 1 month ago
+Rondal Childress Then why don't you leave if YOU don't like the president. You don't even know what your talking about retard.

Rondal Childress 1 month ago
+Bryan Wong You are one sick Sonofabitch. Yes I do know you are talking about PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH and Thank God he was in charge during 9/11 and not this cowardly piece of shit that you worship so much. He has sold this country down the river so many times and invited the MUSLIM  Jihadists to come in and take over. He is known the world over as a WEAK, WEAK President and the world is laughing at him. We can't get anybody to back us because he turned his back on our staunchest allies like Israel. Believe me when I say this you fucking Obamanite coward take your WONG I mean wrong ass back to your country you were born in and let us true blooded Americans handle our country.

edec 16 1 month ago
+Bryan Wong your wong, brian

edec 16 1 month ago
+Bryan Wong two wongs dont make a right

Bryan Wong 1 month ago
+edec 16 and u cannot fii lice on menu u so e-diot

Bryan Wong 1 month ago
+Rondal Childress and the world is a effing more dangerous place coz of the dumbass american presidents one after another post clinton...worst is the wanker Bush junior,,someone ought to do the world a favor, that when his time comes, put him in a crematorium....! ! difference since he is already brain dead anyway..

John O'Hanlon 4 weeks ago
+Rondal Childress 'back to your country you were born in and let us true blooded Americans handle our country'.... ARE YOU FAMILIAR WITH AMERICAN HISTORY??

Bryan Wong 4 weeks ago
And that is precisely the problem..many seem to think the Americans are running the country to the ground...The world at large ,shrunk much by the internet and instant financial transactions and trade , can not afford to not pay heed to american affairs and who is or going to be  the president..because it impacts many others in the international community livelihoods and standard of living....America sneezes now,so many get spit on by flu spreading germ.-the less resistant ones will get the flu.. The business of governing ought to be a serious thing but when americans seem to be seriously considering the hoopla circus that is the Trump campaign or even few years ago ,when a person like Sarah Palin can somehow be considered capable of being vice president material,it says a lot about the mentality , attitude of american politics.. Last checked the national debt is hovering around 19,Trillion and climbing..the moment the average american baby exits the birth canal, they already owe thousands of dollars..all in a space of how long? Starting from the point of the great depression and gradually improving gaining momemtum then -there was the great war . From the post war explosive boom of prosperity climbing up to be the richest nation on earth and now just few decades that euphoric rise,probably till the Reagan era - then ,just went downhill..mere few decades was all it took to acquire the national debt in the Trillions..YUP..SOmething to be said about the Americans management,administration or governance and on and on ......if the American economy tanks,its gonna be a chain reaction like dominoes toppling...Jeez..when behemoth American entities can just crash literally overnite..Enron ,Merril Lynch and the wall street vultures.etc etc..It is not a acknowledgment of good ole american management skills..

Monday, October 5, 2015