Lazada Malaysia

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ahmad Shafee should consider filing lawsuits against mostly all international foreign media in international courts for defamation or insulting our esteemed independent Malaysian judiciary.,or protest to the respective embassies for their views
The Washington Post editorial on Anwar's verdict had words such as "morally reprehensible as it was farcical." And the article concluding with "Mr. Najib’s government managed to have that decision reversed by an appeals court and upheld by the Federal Court demonstrated only that Malaiysia still lacks an " independent judiciary.".....
The court’s decision criticised by the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, and Switzerland, as well as the European Union.
All unanimously concluding the verdict raised major questions about "The Independence " of the Malaysian judiciary.with consensus from
Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the International Federation for Human Rights.
Wall Street Journal calls it "a vendetta against Anwar ,that discredits Malaysian goverment,.Also using the word " Farce" in reference to the trial.
The UN Human Rights office said it was “disappointed” by the Malaysian Federal Court ruling upholding the conviction.
And the US expressed "deep disappointment and the statement
“The decision to prosecute Mr Anwar, and his trial, have
raised serious concerns regarding the rule of law and "The independence "of the courts.
And Mr John Mallot (former US ambassador to Malaysia) posed it so succinctly..
A question for the PR masters in Putrajaya. insistently claiming that “Malaysia’s judiciary is independent”
Can they name one foreign government, one international human rights organisation, one international newspaper, one foreign think-tank, or one overseas academic who agrees with the verdict – and concurs with the assertion that the verdict was the just and fair conclusion of an independent judiciary?
And Ahmad Shafee is harping about Datuk Ambiga and Bar council,Christopher Leong on insulting our judiciary? 
Seems to be the whole world is doing so-.From Goverments to NGOs acquainted with the Anwar trial and verdict- are all in one consensus of perception .There are questionable issues on the " Independence of the Malaysian judiciary"..
How much value is his reputation as a lawyer worth and will that reputation be the butt of jokes(no pun intended) or it could just evolve into some punchline on vindictive lawyering.