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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Aphrodisiac King of fruits or Stink!

Durian is large spiky fruit with a sulfuric smell. Almost everyone finds this fruit either repulsive or addictive. Few fall in between. Durian is rare in that it is a significant source of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.
In Thailand, Durian is banned from many public areas because of the smell. Thailand's Ministry of Health warns against eating more than two sections of durian per day, as people have occasionally been known to die from excessive durian intake. People are killed every year by durians falling from trees.
You can find durians at your local South East Asian market during certain periods when its in season. A typical durian has sections of fruit. When it is ripe, it has a pungent aroma and the flesh has a soft gooey texture,ranging fron sweet to bitter or cheese like taste.
   A very lucrative industry has sprouted from the durian trade with fruit growers experimenting with various strains and coming out with the best fruits,to a point where certain strains are considered delicacies and command high prices on the market Another novelty about the fruit is that they cannot be plucked off the tree but  pickers must wait for the fruit to break  off from its stem and drop to the ground which it does only when ripe..And then ,there is only a period of 12 - 24 hours depending on the climate,when it is considered ripe and tasty and consumed . Then eventually  the spiky skin starts to crack,and air seeps into the fruit, flavour is corrupted,and  the fruit is no longer acceptable and is worthless as a delicious delicacy to be savoured.

Contains high levels of the amino acid tryptophan, known to alleviate anxiety, depression, and insomnia, and create feelings of euphoria, by raising levels of serotonin in the brain.

A good muscle builder. Contains high levels of soft proteins.
Asian legends say that durian is a powerful aphrodisiac!

I can personally attest  that the statement is neither a legend nor a myth , but holds a very pungent truth! And it can affect both genders, A very organic Viagra that nature has created , if you have had a feast of durians , the following hours will, if you got lucky will be a very  gratifying or satisfactory experience with a partner or a very ackward and potentially embarassing period where you may have to constantly shift positions,if you are seated or walk funny , as if you have got a sore bum or sprained muscle in your thigh! ESpecially so if you are a guy!
  Yup,talk about stubborn , no matter how much breath exercise or focusing on other objects,nor even staring at a photograph of Eddie Murphy in drag (remember the Flubber movie and the obese grandma) doesnt even budge it's effects. Chances are if you remember that movie,your mind will uncontrollably shift to thinking of Janet Jackson who plays the love interest.!
Stinky fruit ? Smells like bad cheese , open sewer , rotting garbage or disgustingly described as like blocked public toilet! Yuck..! These are but some of the descriptions i have encountered by people not familiar with the fruit. Most stop dead in their tracks soon as they get a whiff of the pungent aroma and does a 180 without even knowing the source of the smell.!

  This is no exaggeration , I have seen various reactions by westerners just visiting the tropics , never fails to amuse me to observe the expressions on their faces,horrified , disgust , confused , annoyed , some go to the extent of holding their breath as long as they can till their lungs are close to rupturing,faces turning blue while they attempt to make a hasty getaway as far as possible from whatever  the source of the smell is from.!
  To be fair , there are those adventurous in spirit ,despite the smell ,actually brave the tasting of the fleshy fruit, some surprisingly acquiring a taste for it,most swear never to repeat the experience again.!
  With Durian,you either love it or disgusted with it,very hard to be in middle ground, yet there are those who tolerate the smell but enjoy the taste and vice versa, in many ways,this fruit is like wine, many variations which to a true connoiseur can pick out and discern  the quality and taste by merely smelling and tapping on the skin.

  Its also a dangerous fruit , if ingested together with a large dose of alcohol ,can be lethal. A potent fruit, but by itself ,to fans is absolutely delicious and smells heavenly. Apart from the side benefits.
 Looks can be deceiving and on eyes of the beholder,1st impression of the tough exterior spiky skin ,gives it a unsavoury
looking image,yet its crown as The King of Fruits in SE Asian area has remained unchallenged and unlikely to be dislodged.
for the multiple obvious reasons, mainly as ''THE Enhancer disguised in a fruit.  
 The durian tree mainly grows in forested areas and abundant in many remote villages and native jungle encampments, where it is noticed , that men ,grandparents in their 60s are still fathering  children prolifically, extended family members numbering in the dozens, putting to shame city dwellers half their age,who probably cant get it on as often as they d like.
 stamina and endurance capacity at 50% the level of their golden aged conterparts in the remote areas.
  Mother Nature does store many of her secret treasures in her garden,and only reveals it to them  who live of her resources and tending it with loving care.The durian fruit is but one little part of so many healing treasures in the forest which only those with knowledge can access and reap the rewards. So many types of herbs and roots that are not only aphrodisiacs but also cures many ailments and  have been used for centuries.