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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Plans of the Almighty and how it relates differently to separete individuals.

Most times, many amongst ourselves are not even sure definitively,what it is God has in plan for us,. 

And if one's faith isn't solid, and still on unstable grounds, it can be unsettling ,unnerving and disorienting,- 

Anxiety,uncertainty of not knowing what to do with ourselves, when we face an emotional gauntlet, that saps to the core of the conviction of Faith. -

 Many have fallen by the wayside,their devotion and faith but an empty shell,,of it's former...

.When some of these lives could not cope with the emotional turmoils, depression,grief , tragedy unto them that they got disiilusioned - felt abandoned and worst , love and devotions to divinity,,on shaky ground.,when clouded with doubt and bitternesss. . 

And then , only God knows how they will heal...

For the process for God to batter us into His vision is not at the same pace for all.. 
Many of God's selected ones for a vision, He reveals early and clearly to them.- that they can realise the vision sooner.- very clear as to their Calling and what it takes to answer the serve God... 

So many who are in the service of the Lord ,realise very early on, from their youth , that they will dedicate their entire life to the service of the Lord's ministry and Glory..

Or that they somehow innately understood, that they always have had instinctive divine voice guiding them to their chosen career paths,and that,they know exactly,how they can help further the Lord's cause,within their professions..

 Yet, God ways are not always clear to our finite minds and understanding.

There may be those that God will choose to reveal little by little of His plan for them,,in good time ,in His time..but with Faith,we can be absolutely certain that God always makes things wonderful , in His time...

But then God does calm down restless impatient hearts, for He will offer glimpses of His Masterplan for them , 

when God feels they are ready, and meantime, its like His Glorious visions for each of us not yet revealed, - is cloaked behind a diaphanous curtain-,,mysterious yet for certain it ll be magnificent..and God slowly lifts up the veil little by little for them to sneak glances through a still translucent mist, where His glorious vision glows through.,.

Reassuring and comforting the restless anxious hearts,,  nothing is in vain ,if we trust God and His timing for us all, 
Eventually, all full glory of God's plan for us all, will be revealed and wonderful - 

As are and always have been - That God's plans are perfect.!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Magical culinary skills?

How do you curb fried beans I wonder? And curb  the fried beans from what??
Perhaps,they have issues with the cashews and beans get all nutty!!

Then,was quite keen to try the noodles made from grass or "fried fog" in cashew nuts.
Wow.! This is really some mysterious magical culinary skill here,how they can fry Fog !

Didn't manage to find out though ,how they even ctapture the fog to be fried.

Still , was seriously  thinking that the fish head in the hot pot may be  be a nice distraction to mull over, if it really is just a fish head inside a hot pot and Nothing Else,

Then you wouldn't know whether you are suppose to eat it or engage the fish head in a mutual staring  session in contemplation.

But the sweet sour gravy and mince meat in the pineapple,makes up for all the confusion!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Attacked by You Tube Troll

Just having some fun venting in a foul language verbal exchange with some You Tube troller.
Just wanna see if i can swear and cuss obscenities and spew profanities and must say,think i did admirably.
All in Good Fun..Neways the Troller started it when he replied to a comment i posted in the YT video of GW Bush below . The one US president I despise .

Bryan Wong
 George Wanker Bush says - money trumps peace-commercial interests are worth much more than thousands of innocent lifes..they gotta die that Bush n cronies can make a profit or cover up illegal acts by destroying whole buildings-just unfortunate they were in those buildings

 Phil Surtees
 +Bryan Wong You're an idiot.

Bryan Wong 
 +Phil Surtees A better idiot than millions of other worst idiots who buy in to the GWB's BS rhetorics and deny all the controlled demolition hard facts as evidence and testimonies by numerous specialist ,building engineers ,scientist ,architects,demolition companies etc etc,,just You Tube 911 controlled demolition and digest it yourself

Phil Surtees
 +Bryan Wong No ... you're REALLY FUCKING STUPID and pretty much as idiotic as they come. There are NO HARD FACTS indicating controlled demolition. How fucking blind are you retarded cunts? Have you seen a controlled demolition you ignorant fuck-tard? It looks NOTHING like what happened when the towers fell.
Grow a fucking brain and move on already. It has been PROVEN UNEQUIVOCALLY that all your idiotic beliefs are fucking bullshit. Pack and up and go home you fucking moron. Why do you idiots insist on making yourself look so fucking stupid in public?

Bryan Wong
 +Phil Surtees In your words -fucking stupid ,idiotic ,fucking blind,retarded cunts..ignorant fuck tard,..grow a fucking brain, fucking moron, idiots insist on making yourselves so fucking stupid...Say all those again in front of a mirror, then jerk off imagining  GW's...dick in your mouth,since you obviously such a fan.


Phil Surtees 
 +Bryan Wong Oh ... poor little ignorant fuck-tard can't respond to my comments or supply any evidence so he just resorts to repeating my insults back to me. How pathetic can you get??? Where's your fucking evidence shit-for-brains??? You haven't got any! And you know anything you say will be instantly blown out of the water so you're too fucking afraid to say anything.
No one is listening to your bullshit any more, except other brain-dead morons like yourself. Why don't you all go and find a nice place to play where you can talk about your absurd little theories without bothering the intelligent people?

Irene Moran 
 +Bryan Wong I hear ya buddy. My name is Mike Moran and I am constantly trying to wake people up to facts such as this. It pretty much has the same effect as trying to have a conversation with someone in a deep sleep however. Cognitive dissonance is a real bitch.

Phil Surtees 
 +Irene Moran There's a reason it has the same effect as trying to have a conversation with someone in a deep sleep. You're talking complete and utter bullshit, and of course people get bored and tired whenever they have to listen to a shit-for-brains idiot as they ramble on with ridiculous, unsupported theories. See ... what's really happening is that you're a fucking moron who has no concept of critical thinking and logical thought. As such you believe idiotic things which are complete and utter bullshit and have no basis whatsoever in reality. You then expect other people - people that are actually intelligent - to follow your logic free, moronic reasoning, but they get drowsy and just want you to shut the fuck up because what you're saying is idiotic and they're sick of hearing it. You, having the retarded monkey brain that you do, mistake people's boredom and tiredness for being a problem with them and not, as is the case, a problem with you. See ... stupidity is like death. When someone dies it doesn't affect them; because they're dead. It does, however, affect the people around them. Stupidity is the same. You're an ignorant fucking imbecile who is incapable of rational thought. You don't know it though,which is where the problem lies; you, in fact, think that believing idiotic things that have no basis in reality makes you smarter than others, when in fact you're incredibly stupid and much less intelligent than most other people. The only people who are affected by your lack of intelligence are the people around you; like me at the moment. Luckily I can leave though, unlike the people you live with and deal with on a daily basis. I truly feel very sorry for them, having to constantly put up with you trying to convince them of the insane, ignorant, idiotic things you believe in. Unlike me they can't just leave; I'm sure they wish they could though...
Oh ... but please ... enlighten us with some of these FACTS which you try to wake people up with. What are they? Come on ... let's here them. I bet you don't have a single one...

Bryan Wong
 +Phil Surtees don't forget to swallow the cum of GW,,do be careful lest you choke..!then after that u can get off licking leftover turd-juice on his A-hole,he doesn't wipe it clean as all well know,thats why ,his presidency  tenure and the shit he did stinks to high heavens.

Bryan Wong
 +Irene Moran like those words "cognitive dissonance" or "perceptual narrowing"...

Phil Surtees
 +Bryan Wong So I was right ... you've got no fucking argument and you're too fucking gutless to provide any 'evidence' because ou know it will be destroyed immediately. How very fucking typical of you shit-for-brains conspiracy morons. Why would I swallow GW's cum? I hate that fucking guy; he was the worst President in history. The fact that I'm not an ignorant fucking imbecile with no evidence - like you - doesn't mean I like George Bush. Ah ... but that's the way your pathetic little fucked up monkey brain works isn't it? If I don't believe your idiotic conspiracy theories then I must love George W Bush. See ... THAT is a perfect example of how incapable you are of rational, logical thought. Trout are fish, therefore all fish are trout; that's how you fuck-tard morons think logic works isn't it? Fuck me dead - did you actually go to school and, if so, what the fuck were you doing in class for those couple of years? Clearly you weren't paying attention because you're completely incapable of anything approaching critical thinking. Or are you one of those people who tried, but were just too incredibly fucking stupid to learn anything? That was probably it. Obviously you never went to university; even to deliver a pizza. Whatever. Either way you're a useless, shit-for-brains ignoramus. Now fuck off back to the kitchen and cook me some food; I mean ... obviously you work in 'hospitality' because there's no way a brain dead fuck like you could ever do anything else...

Bryan Wong 
 +Phil Surtees Wow - ,Perfect ,fits so well, the crassness and the crudity of the foul month  language like diarrhoea  puked out, giving an impression of exactly what a shit for brains mentality may look like ,  and particularly retched out  in defence of the Wanker Bush, shows so clearly what type of nutcase profiles are the archetypal GW fans and supporters.. its no wonder you are in love with GW...good on you , your image of a reeking foul mouth GW supporter  is so befitting of ,and matches so well to the type of mentality that can only support the Wanker ,and i am sure you represent thousands just like you who voted for him..good on you,,!! Or are you just Trolling You Tube for poor kid..! But then,u gotta be more discerning in selecting who u wanna cheese off...still thanks for the chuckle prompts ,needed a lift to my spirits  and contemplation of what a One with a maggot infested and pus filled  brain, may be like..spitting out foul smelling language. and yup,i m smilin.thanks mate.
GW will be so damned proud,you deserve each other.!

Phil Surtees
 +Bryan Wong You're obviously too fucking stupid to understand simple English so I'll say it again.
Is that clear enough for you monkey brain??? What a fucking moron. Sorry ... I missed your evidence. Where is it?
As for the foul mouth comments, go back and read your own comments you fucking shit-for-brains moron. According to your own 'logic', your "crassness and the crudity of the [SIC] foul month [SIC] language like diarrhoea puked out [SIC], giving an [SIC] impression of exactly [SIC] what a shit for brains mentality may [SIC] look like". Right, so you agree that you've got shit-for-brains then?
But hang on ... where's your argument and evidence dick-wad? Why are you too gutless to provide an argument and evidence?
P.S. "[SIC]" is used when quoting someone to show that the mistake in the writing was the author's, not the person supplying the quote. I know you're WAY too fucking stupid to know that, or to understand that it means you're so fucking stupid that you made SIX mistakes in ONE SENTENCE. Fuck me dead; you deserve a prize because I see a lot of shit-for-brains imbeciles on the Internet, but you are really in a class of your own:
2. You claim insults show a shit for brains mentality after writing a number of insult filled comments YOURSELF; including, for example, this incoherent rambling - "fucking stupid ,idiotic ,fucking blind,retarded cunts..ignorant fuck tard,..grow a fucking brainfucking moron, idiots insist on making yourselves so fucking stupid...Say all those again in front of a mirror, then jerk off imagining  GW's...dick in your mouth,since you obviously such a fan." - thus saying that you yourself have a shit for brains mentality.
3. You're completely incapable of providing an argument or evidence to support any of your claims.

Bryan Wong
 +Phil Surtees  Or are you just Trolling You Tube for poor kid..! But then,u gotta be more discerning in selecting who u wanna cheese off...still thanks for the chuckle prompts ,needed a lift to my spirits  and contemplation of what a One with a maggot infested and pus filled  brain, may be like..spitting out foul smelling language. and yup,i m smilin.thanks mate.
GW will be so damned proud,you deserve each other.!

Phil Surtees 
 +Bryan Wong Why do I have to be more discerning in selecting who I wanna cheese off? Do you mean it's a waste of time owning a shit-for-brains ignoramus like you because it's so easy? You're right that it's been VERY easy to completely fucking destroy you - you do half the work yourself, you're so fucking stupid - but I've been having debates with some intelligent people elsewhere and smashing you has been fun and hasn't required any effort or thought because you're such a brain dead idiot. It has filled in the gaps while I wait for responses from the intelligent people who can think clearly and have more than a basic high school education. I mean ... if you were actually capable of making some kind of argument, and didn't make yourself look like such a complete fucking idiot with every post - being incapable of even writing a single coherent sentence, let alone displaying the ability to think rationally and logically - then I might have to start thinking and would have to weigh up whether or not to continue. Now that you've been completely owned and have publicly admitted defeat though, I guess that's become redundant. Maybe next time you should pick a fight with someone who's closer to your own intellect; like a 4 year old perhaps? You could probably hold your own with one of them and they wouldn't notice all the idiotic mistake you make in even the most basic of sentences. Give it a try anyway. Now that you've been so comprehensibly smashed, the only way is up...

 Bryan Wong 
 I surrender to your brilliance ..articulating in prose vile and foul ..i have been destroyed indeed and i crumble,,I give up-Stupidity cannot be understood..yup victory is yours,you fight with stupidity and i know not how to counter..
what you wrote is sheer brilliant lunacy only a moron pretending to be some eloquent wiz in penmanship can scribble..and the inadvertent cleverness of it is that, it reads like a morose and pathetically  self deprecating piece but you think its a notch above. Its like you inserting your finger into own anus and dig out shit in rectum,just so you can put finger to your nose and smell the shit , and say how sweet smelling your own crap is...
Written in the guise of some attempt to put down another but. so successfully conveyed a message of which screams of an image of a wretched angst filled tormented soul,penning down what reads like a confession of an insecure self caused by a worm sized dick..You must talk to yourself and touch yourself a lot .
Afterall ,just a matter of switching the pronouns from you to I ,or as mentioned before,,read what you wrote loud in front of a mirror, and for effect ,scream obscenities at that moronic schizoid staring back at you .
 Bryan Wong 
 +Phil Surtees So , linguistic purist professor,giving free english out of foul obscenities?..btw.the incoherent rambling you pointed out ,are actually choice selection
from your post, your words -wasn't using it at all back on you.meant exactly what was suggested bout the mirror,thats all ..why so touchy? tsk tsk tsk...

I chuckle at meself reading the exchange above..