Lazada Malaysia

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Magical culinary skills?

How do you curb fried beans I wonder? And curb  the fried beans from what??
Perhaps,they have issues with the cashews and beans get all nutty!!

Then,was quite keen to try the noodles made from grass or "fried fog" in cashew nuts.
Wow.! This is really some mysterious magical culinary skill here,how they can fry Fog !

Didn't manage to find out though ,how they even ctapture the fog to be fried.

Still , was seriously  thinking that the fish head in the hot pot may be  be a nice distraction to mull over, if it really is just a fish head inside a hot pot and Nothing Else,

Then you wouldn't know whether you are suppose to eat it or engage the fish head in a mutual staring  session in contemplation.

But the sweet sour gravy and mince meat in the pineapple,makes up for all the confusion!